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bodhi // newborn

Erney, party of four!! Sweet little Bodhi came a couple weeks early, but that just means Mommy & Daddy got to hold him and love on him more!  I had a newborn session with Bodhi when he was 6 days fresh and all he wanted was to be held my mommy… and eat. and cry.  But that’s his job!! All in all, Bodhi did great and he looks so sweet and cuddly… well, because he is!  I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up and play baseball like his daddy!!

You are the sunshine that makes my day.


newborn //

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gulling pregnancy & gender reveal // maternity

BIG things are happening in the Gulling family!!  Ryan and Heather are welcoming their 4th child this December, and after having 3 WONDERFUL boys, they are being blessed with a sweet baby girl.

And how fitting that the current baby of the family got to share the news that he is finally joining the ranks of ‘Big Brother’ while the older bros got to help announce that they are finally getting a sister!

There can be no better companion than a brother. There can be no better friend than a sister.
– Unknown

pregnancy reveal //

Erin Burke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio

gender reveal //

Erin Burke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio

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jonathan // fresh48

HELLO baby Jonathan!!  This handsome little guy was 3 days late during an icky, humid Ohio July, making an adorable entrance into the world after spending 24 hours trying to get out (well, maybe trying to stay in… lol).

Through the heartburn and pains, the waddling and swelling… it was all worth it for Lauren and John to meet their little boy!  At a ripe old age of 38 hours old, Jonathan was working the camera like a professional.  This little love nugget is also my great nephew, and I cannot wait to watch him grow up (but not too fast!!) and become a dapper little ladies man LOL

Welcome to the world, Lil Jon….er… I mean lil buddy!!! #yeeeeeah #ooookay


hello world //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

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amanda & brian // maternity

Amanda and Brian are so very excited to meet their little bundle of snuggly baby joy.  Little Miss Mae is due…. well, yesterday… so mom and dad are more than eager to make her acquaintance, and love her to pieces!!  But for now, we still wait……

This pregnancy was especially emotional, as this sweet little girl is also their Rainbow Baby.  Unfortunately, they lost a pregnancy a couple of years ago, but were blessed to be able to conceive again and carry a healthy little baby to term.

Little Mae doesn’t know how lucky she is, but her parents and big sis Reagan are pretty freakin’ awesome!  They already created a library for her, with lots of fun stories to be accompanied by the many voices Brian can conjure up; she has a cozy, eclectic nursery… and not to mention her fur-siblings all waiting for their little human to come home and join the brood.

We ended up doing an extended session so we were able to go to both Goodale Park and Jeffrey Mansion Park.   The parks are absolutely gorgeous and have a classic feel – not too modern, not too open… but just right.  I love the trees, fountain and pond at Goodale, and the stone stairs and the mansion itself at Jeffrey.

Hoping Mae makes her debut to the world soon (for Amanda’s sake – it just got really hot and humid in Ohio!), and I cannot wait to meet the little darling myself!

goodale park //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Maternity Photography

jeffrey mansion park //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Maternity Photography

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brittany // cake smash

Because cake smashes are not just for kids…. because cake smashes are not just for whole numbered birthdays…. because WINTER BABIES should have some birthday fun in the sun too!  I am bringing the half birthday celebration BACK, bay-beeee!!!!  I am a December baby and know what it’s like to have a birthday party cancelled due to a sleet or snow storm, which is why I am pushing for the celebration of half birthdays.

Brittany too has a December birthday.  So for her 24th and a half birthday, or 1278 weeks for all you moms out there, Brittany put on a party dress and we went out on a beautiful day in Johnstown for her cake smash.   Due to the warm temperature and Ohio humidity, the cake didn’t fair so well on the trip… it got really soft and melty BUT it made a perfect mess for a smash, especially with the wind blowing her hair across her face attaching to all that soft, gooey icing!  And the clean up was easy – she literally was hosed down after the session LOL

THANK YOU Brittany for having fun with me celebrating such a momentous milestone.  May all your future half birthdays be merry and bright (and warm!)!  A big Happy Half Birthday to you!

I know I’m weird, but sometimes it makes me laugh, and that just makes me super happy. -Unknown


half birthday //

Erin Burke Studios Photograpy_CakeSmash_blog_June2016

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perry-estep // family

What a sweet Easter weekend session this was!!  Liz, Reed and Kamden were a ball of fun – Kamden is definitely a little ham at just 4 months!  He laughed, he giggled, he rolled over and wiggled… just like little boys do!  Laying down was his least favorite position – he’s man on the go (well, on the scoot!) and nobody has time for all that laying down… LOL  I look forward to watching this little guy to grow into a gentleman!

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”  -Dr. Seuss


happy family //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Photography Family Children Portraits

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the mays // family

What an all-American little family!!!  Dana is former military and Nicole is a kindergarten teacher, and their 4 year old daughter is a woman who knows what she wants… and doesn’t.  We had an energetic split session – we started in fall and ended in winter, but on a day that was filled with autumnal beauty and rare Ohio warmth in January!  We chased and feed the ducks, geese AND swan at the park; we had a tea party with a bunny and shenanigans at my studio – it was an all around great time with this family!

I can’t wait until we meet again!! (hopefully sooner than later!)


the mays //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portait Photogrpahy

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austin // first year

My main man Austin is turning ONE!!

Back when he was still a bun in the oven, I took a few maternity photos of Austin’s mama, my friend Heather… it wasn’t the best session since it was my first time doing maternity and the lighting wasn’t the best, and we are total goofballs when we get together… so we did some goofy stuff. (fun to look back on as friends – I just have to roll my eyes and laugh LOL)  It was January and I didn’t have a studio… she had a leather jacket and boots… why not do a motorcycle mama shoot??

Then he finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to see him!  I met Austin within 24 hours of his appearance into this world and we had our first session in the hospital.  I captured three generations holding baby Austin – both his parents, his paternal grandparents and his paternal great-grandmother!  That was amazing and the room was filled with so much love!!

Watching this little nugget grow up has been awesome!  Seeing him learn, grow, walk, laugh (especially laugh) warms my heart.  So now, that little peanut is turning the big O-N-E!!  It’s hard to believe a year has passed already, but the days will only go quicker watching this little tyke grow up at warp speed!!

Kid, youll move mountains.  – Dr. Seuss


first birthday //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portait Photogrpahy

memory lane //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portait Photogrpahy

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reagan & kieley // portraiture

Meet Reagan and Kieley.  They are sisters and we did a ‘farewell’ shoot in January as Reagan moved half way across the country to Colorado the following weekend.  Reagan is a makeup artist and Kieley is a photographer, and they have worked together professionally but have not done a shoot together as the subject.  I was happy to get these two in front of a camera, even though Kieley preferred to be behind one! LOL  We had lots of fun with our session, and the Ohio weather mostly cooperated with us – so that’s a win-win in my book!

I smile because you are my sister. I laugh because you can’t do anything about it.


sisters //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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the krichbaums // family

Now THIS is a family session!  Mama Krichbaum has four wonderful children, all with their own families… totaling 19 people!  Yep, 19!! (count ’em!)  This fun-loving group was all jokes and laughs (ok, a few tears from a shy little cutie) as we meandered our way through Inniswoods Park on this wonderful autumn morning.   It’s not an easy task to coordinate 19 people to meet at the same time, especially when over half of them are kids and toddlers, so a super kudos to them for getting there all at the same time, everyone dressed and ready to go!  That was some super coordination LOL  We even bonded over a very odd event during the shoot… click here for that story.

Without further adieu, here is the Krichbaum family!

I sustain myself with the love of family. –Maya Angelou


19… and counting? //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography


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An encounter of an interesting kind

As a photographer, you tend to meet clients out in public places…

and sometimes you have to wait on them if you get there early to scope out the joint.  And sometimes you don’t have an assistant so you are alone.  One morning I went to a park to meet a family for portraits – a very large family, totaling 19.  I got there a little early since I wasn’t super familiar with the park and drive time.  I texted the client to let them know I was there and what I was wearing – there happened to be tons of photographers out that morning.

As I was pacing and texting, an older gentleman approached me asking me if anyone had taken my picture that day because my then bright purple hair was glowing super bright in the sun.  Surprised by the remark, I laughed it off saying I was there to take someone’s photograph but I haven’t taken mine yet – joking because I would probably end up taking a selfie later that day… as you do on Selfie Sunday 🙂  I went about my business texting and pacing in a circle, and shortly after the families showed up for the session.  No big deal.

About an hour after the man approached me about my picture, he somehow found me as I was setting up a shot with the matriarch and her adult children, as their spouses and children were hanging out and talking.  To my clients, they just saw another photographer walk up to me and hand me a print out – small poster size – and I thanked him and he walked away.  They thought ‘cool, she was able to have someone deliver goods to her while out in a park’… um, NO!   What they then saw was my facial expression of confusion when I turned back around to them – then they figured something was up.  That random man handed me a poster print out of a photograph of ME he took without my knowledge from the parking lot!! (yeah, I noticed his zoom lens on his Nikon…)

That’s about when the creepy factor set in.  They, mostly the women, noticed that the outfit in the picture was what I was currently wearing; one of the men thought that maybe I wore a ‘uniform’ of sorts for easy identification… nope!  Then everyone started looking around for him, but he was gone!  I must say, he moved very quickly and stealthily for an older man.  He did mention he lived 10 minutes from the park, which led to some ‘Silence of the Lambs’ jokes LOL  I’m just glad I ended up being with a large group of people with large guys, because as creepy as that was, I felt safe that nothing would happen.  We were pretty much on high alert after that for the 45 minutes we had left, but we just made jokes… because what else can you do??

So now I have this lovely, awkward print out of myself, which ironically looks like I am looking at him and kinda smiling, but I was scanning the parking lot for my clients and default-smiling from squinting.  I’m not sure if I should keep it for finger printing or consider it a gift from a fellow creative… but if any men are reading this now, please do not ever take a woman’s picture and give her a print out, unless she literally (not figuratively) asks for it.  Never ever.

The girl with purple hair
The infamous snapshot…


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brittany // portraiture

This session was actually from the end of fall, but I did changed up my editing style, and the end result… I’m in love with!!  Brittany is a friend of mine and she pretty much let me do what ever I wanted with her! LOL  We did a few standard portrait shots inside and outdoors, then came the ‘little black dress’ and the gypsy headgear, and out came the little miss’s attitude…. and her eyes. #fierce

You are a diamond, darling. They can’t break you.


portraiture //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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caryn & jimmy // maternity

Caryn and Jimmy are expecting their first child together this March.  Just two short months before little Colton is set to make his arrival, we lucked out on amazing January weather in Ohio and were able to get some shots outside… and without snow!  I’ve shared just a couple ‘sneak peeks’ on Facebook to tease them, and I am very excited to share the whole session now!  Now to wait on mister Colton to make his debut… I sure can’t wait to meet him!!

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anything quite so special as the love between the mother and a son.  -Unknown


belly love //


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Quality Time with Graphic Design

I’ve been embedded into my photography edits lately….

I have not had time to really develop some of my marketing materials.  Well, I had scattered drafts on my computer but nothing really coherent or consistent – toying with different models, formats, presentation ideas.  I got pretty overwhelming!  Well, I finally took time out to sort, organize, purge and re-create my documents (for the umpteenth time!), and I utilized my graphic design skills to accomplish something pretty cool, if I do say so myself. LOL  So now I eagerly wait for my printed booklets to come to me…

Here’s a little teaser of the covers – when my preciouses come, I will post a pic of them in all their glory!!

ClientGuide_cover Investment_cover

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Client Photography Tips!

I read this article and I felt like I needed to share.  There are some good tips for clients to help them prepare for their shoot!  These are just basic tips, that are very useful!

5 Things Your Photographer Wants You to Know

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