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bodhi // newborn

Erney, party of four!! Sweet little Bodhi came a couple weeks early, but that just means Mommy & Daddy got to hold him and love on him more!  I had a newborn session with Bodhi when he was 6 days fresh and all he wanted was to be held my mommy… and eat. and cry.  But that’s his job!! All in all, Bodhi did great and he looks so sweet and cuddly… well, because he is!  I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up and play baseball like his daddy!!

You are the sunshine that makes my day.


newborn //

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taylor // senior portraiture

Graduating from high school is the end of an era, but it is also the beginning of a new adventure in life.  It is a time when you truly discover who you are, what you want to be, and where you want to go.  Great things lay ahead for this amazing young lady!  I have watched her grow up from toddler-hood with an beautiful spirit and soul.

Congratulations to you Taylor for all  your hard work and to all the great accomplishments you will achieve!  Your family is so proud of the wonderful young woman you have become, and all the amazing things that are to be.  Go forth and rock it, girl!!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
-Henry David Thoreau


fields //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

woods //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

diamonds //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

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levi // senior portraiture

Graduating high school is a major milestone in a young person’s life.  It’s closing a chapter on part of your life as a child, and starting a new one as an adult.  You work hard for your grades, and your parents help to guide you to become a responsible adult and to make good choices.  In this next phase in life, you get to choose and create your life path – it’s a pretty big deal!

Levi is a great young man!  He’s smart and has a great sense of humor; he loves his Carolina Panthers and the outdoors.  There are amazing things in store for him in the future!  And as for mom and dad… their little boy has become a man.  It’s bitter sweet, but they have done a WONDERFUL job raising such a great kid!

We ended up doing a double session over two days for Levi to hit up three awesome locations… I think this was more for mom to have as many keepsake images of her ‘baby boy’ all grown up.  The locations were amazing, especially the farm that holds dear memories for their family as a whole.  I had a great time with Levi capturing such beautiful images!

There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings.


downtown columbus //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

covered bridge //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

alexandria //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

carolina panthers //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

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enchanted ruby // portraiture



Erin Burke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio

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lauren & john // maternity

Lauren and John are expecting their first son July 14th…. well….. we’ll see how that goes!!  July in Ohio is not so forgiving with the humidity, then add being 40 weeks pregnant on top of it…. UGH!  Poor thing!!!

At least the temps were not too bad when we went out for their maternity session towards the end of June.  Golden hour in the Park of Roses – it was beautiful!  We did make a quick pit-stop outside of The Ohio State University football stadium to commemorate the magic night lil Jon was created… after a Buckeye victory, of course.  What was kind of cool was that while the main Ohio State Marching Band (aka TBDBITL) was in Cleveland for the Cavs NBA Championship celebration, there were some band members practicing close by, so it was like a mini ‘game day’ vibe!

Congratulations to the mama and papa-to-be on their bundle of joy as they ‘patiently’ wait for his arrival!  The days seem long now as you wait for him to be born, but days will go faster once he is here…. treasure every moment!

“A grand adventure is about to begin.” – Winnie the Pooh


oh, baby //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Maternity Portrait Photography

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boho portraits // june

About a month ago Erin Burke Studios held Boho styled portrait sessions and partnered with Jessica Bowersock, licensed esthetician and owner of Skin Solutions by Jess.  We had a great time working with these lovely ladies… well it wasn’t really like work at all!  A little makeup, a couple of accessories, and these girls rocked their sessions #likeaboss!!

The Bergstresser Covered Bridge in Canal Winchester, Ohio is the last remaining covered bridge in Franklin County.  It is tucked away in a neighborhood and is only open to foot/bicycle traffic.  I just love this location – covered bridges are so scarce anymore but are absolutely amazing!

I am looking forward to another Boho event later this month with Jessica – for more details on special events, click here.


jen //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

madison & angel //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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industrial // architecture

I took a little industrial hike through Columbus… ok, not so much a hike but a Sunday drive around town.  I meandered through downtown, German Village and South Columbus and found these gems!  The first location was a construction site which revealed some awesome old signage!  Next was an old school in Marion Village – Barrett School – it was pretty much a ghost town.  The last spot is a seemingly rundown warehouse on High St – it’s an actively used property because there is a business (semi’s and such) there but every time I drive past it, it looks abandoned and I just LOVE it!!  (I’m weird LOL)

These images just seemed more intriguing when I removed the color – black and white is just more fitting and less distracting with all the texture and lines.  I hope you enjoy!

“98% of what gets built today is shit.”  -Frank Gehry
(sorry, I had to include this quote… it’s too funny, and kinda true…)




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brittany // portraiture

This session was actually from the end of fall, but I did changed up my editing style, and the end result… I’m in love with!!  Brittany is a friend of mine and she pretty much let me do what ever I wanted with her! LOL  We did a few standard portrait shots inside and outdoors, then came the ‘little black dress’ and the gypsy headgear, and out came the little miss’s attitude…. and her eyes. #fierce

You are a diamond, darling. They can’t break you.


portraiture //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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The Perfect Shot – What Ever It Takes!

Determined. Innovative. Creative. How’d they do it?

Photographers will go to the ends of the Earth to get “the shot”; they will position themselves in the most awkward and uncomfortable poses to get the right angle; they go waist-deep in the wet and mucky-muck for that unique perspective.

Check out the 500px ISO article by DL Cade 21 Photographers Doing Whatever It Takes to Get the Perfect Shot!!  Truly inspiring, breathtaking… and a few moments of vertigo with the aerial shots LOL

I hope you enjoy!


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New Project!

Being an artist, I love aesthetics – anything pleasing to the eye, even if unconventional.  I wanted to embark on a photography project that not only shines with aesthetics and beauty, but also with a message.

I want to share beauty and a story.  I am photographing people who have overcome obstacles in life (such as death of a spouse/parent, surviving a disease or addiction, dealing with mental health) and to share their story to bring inspiration and hope to others that may be experiencing something alike themselves.

I will be doing concept shoots over the next couple of months to prepare for my unveiling of said project.  I don’t have a name for it yet, but it will come to me in my journey along with the brave souls who are willing to bare it all, as they say.

More to come!…

-Erin Burke Studios



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