Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

levi // senior portraiture

Graduating high school is a major milestone in a young person’s life.  It’s closing a chapter on part of your life as a child, and starting a new one as an adult.  You work hard for your grades, and your parents help to guide you to become a responsible adult and to make good choices.  In this next phase in life, you get to choose and create your life path – it’s a pretty big deal!

Levi is a great young man!  He’s smart and has a great sense of humor; he loves his Carolina Panthers and the outdoors.  There are amazing things in store for him in the future!  And as for mom and dad… their little boy has become a man.  It’s bitter sweet, but they have done a WONDERFUL job raising such a great kid!

We ended up doing a double session over two days for Levi to hit up three awesome locations… I think this was more for mom to have as many keepsake images of her ‘baby boy’ all grown up.  The locations were amazing, especially the farm that holds dear memories for their family as a whole.  I had a great time with Levi capturing such beautiful images!

There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings.


downtown columbus //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

covered bridge //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

alexandria //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

carolina panthers //

Erin Burke Studios Senior Portraits Columbus Ohio

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gulling pregnancy & gender reveal // maternity

BIG things are happening in the Gulling family!!  Ryan and Heather are welcoming their 4th child this December, and after having 3 WONDERFUL boys, they are being blessed with a sweet baby girl.

And how fitting that the current baby of the family got to share the news that he is finally joining the ranks of ‘Big Brother’ while the older bros got to help announce that they are finally getting a sister!

There can be no better companion than a brother. There can be no better friend than a sister.
– Unknown

pregnancy reveal //

Erin Burke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio

gender reveal //

Erin Burke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio

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enchanted ruby // portraiture



Erin Burke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio

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boho portraits // june

About a month ago Erin Burke Studios held Boho styled portrait sessions and partnered with Jessica Bowersock, licensed esthetician and owner of Skin Solutions by Jess.  We had a great time working with these lovely ladies… well it wasn’t really like work at all!  A little makeup, a couple of accessories, and these girls rocked their sessions #likeaboss!!

The Bergstresser Covered Bridge in Canal Winchester, Ohio is the last remaining covered bridge in Franklin County.  It is tucked away in a neighborhood and is only open to foot/bicycle traffic.  I just love this location – covered bridges are so scarce anymore but are absolutely amazing!

I am looking forward to another Boho event later this month with Jessica – for more details on special events, click here.


jen //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

madison & angel //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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matilda // newborn

Matilda.  From the Germanic name Mahthildis meaning “strength in battle”, from the elements maht “might, strength” and hild “battle”.  This is a name steeped with meaning and could not be more fitting for this little ginger princess.  Arriving two weeks early, and as big as a peanut, she has a strong spirit and a healthy appetite… she may be small but she is definitely fierce!  And the amount of love that her adorable parents, Allie and Tim, feel for her is immeasurable.

No matter how hard we tried, Matilda did not want to be put down, even if she was sleeping… we even tried working with her while she was awake, but in no way did she NOT want to be in her mama’s arms!  So we took a little break from shooting so  we did it!!  We were able to get some really, really cute shots of her wrapped up like a burrito (LOL) and in the wicker basket.  She looked soooo comfy, I kind of felt bad having to take her out… she was knocked out!

She was only 10 days old at the time of our session, but she already looks good in green just like her mommy, and she presses her little fist against her cheek just like her daddy did.  Sweet Matilda a perfect combination of her parents… it is going to be a pleasure to watch little Matilda grow up!

Congratulations Allie and Tim on your sweet, princess!

matilda //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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old school // architecture

Going through some old photos that I haven’t touched and having some fun with the edits… These shots are from the Barrett School (that has since closed and is under renovation to become luxury urban apartments) and Saint Theresa’s Shrine in Columbus.

The Barrett School building was constructed in 1898 and the architecture and soffits are beautiful!  The building is a significant part of the golden age in the history of the Columbus Public School’s buildings. The architectural details in Barrett’s design reflected the growing importance of education in the lives of children and parents of the time, and marks the beginning of the Progressive Era reform in the early 1900’s.

barrett school //

Erin Burke Studios Photography Columbus OhioErin Burke Studios Photography Columbus OhioErin Burke Studios Photography Columbus Ohio


saint therese’s shrine //

Erin Burke Studios Photography Columbus Ohio

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leon // senior

This is Leon, a graduating high school senior in the Class of 2016.  Ohio gave us beautiful weather and a cloudless sky for our late afternoon session – we ended during golden hour and it was perfect.  We made a few stops around Downtown Columbus – starting at the historic Schiller Park, we made our way to Scioto Audubon Metro Park with the tall, golden grasses and ponds, and we ended up at the arched bridge on the south end of downtown.

What made this session exceptionally special, as we were walking back to the car to leave we saw a fire truck on the corner, and after making sure they were not responding to an emergency, we asked if we could take a couple of photos with Leon on the truck – they said yes!  The even let him hold a legit fireman’s axe!!  The smile that spread across Leon’s face was priceless – every little boys’ dream came true in that moment.  So I would like to give a special THANK YOU to the Columbus Fire Department and Fire Truck #1 (a.k.a. Top Gun) for letting us snap a couple quick shots and for making his year!

Graduating high school is a huge feat and a rite of passage to the next phase of your life.  The chapter of your childhood closes, as you open the door to adulthood.  It is a scary and exciting time, but the best part is is that you get to shape and mold your future and who you want to be.

“The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock.” – Tony Gaskins


senior portraits //

Erin Burke Studios Photography Columbus, OH

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amiee // birthday

Meet Amiee.  She is one rad, bad-ass chick.  You meet her and you want to hug her, which makes her rad.  She’s also a power-lifter, hence the bad-assery.  Her heart is huge and her sarcasm game is strong; she is fiercely loyal and a ball of energy.

For Amiee’s birthday this year, we captured her amazing spirit and energy… and ate cake!  We did the dual session to capture her beautiful self and one to give herself an icing facial, a.k.a an adult cake smash! LOL

One of Amiee’s favorite bands is Incubus, and the chorus of “Stellar”couldn’t ring more true about her…. you leave feeling better every time you are around her.

How do you do it?  You make me feel like I do
How do you do it?  It’s better than I ever knew, yea
How do you do it?  You make me feel like I do
You do.
-Incubus, Stellar


happy birthday, girl //


Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

Erin BUrke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio
Soaring in the sky, on that birthday high
Erin BUrke Studios Portrait Photography Columbus Ohio
Sunrise: nature’s way of ending the party…


Make Up: Jessica Bowersock

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the taylors // family

In the middle of this blah Ohio winter, I miss color… that might be why I love this fall family session so much!  The colors were rich and the weather was surprisingly warm in October.  The Scioto Audubon Park is so serene and diverse, especially in fall with the golden tall grasses and jewel-toned leaves; it doesn’t feel like you are right next to Downtown Columbus and by a freeway!

The setting was perfect for this adorable, little family.  And as an added bonus, the pint-sized family of 3 is growing to 4 this summer!  I can’t wait for the maternity session!!

Family.  Where life begins… and love never ends.


meet the taylors //



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brittany // portraiture

This session was actually from the end of fall, but I did changed up my editing style, and the end result… I’m in love with!!  Brittany is a friend of mine and she pretty much let me do what ever I wanted with her! LOL  We did a few standard portrait shots inside and outdoors, then came the ‘little black dress’ and the gypsy headgear, and out came the little miss’s attitude…. and her eyes. #fierce

You are a diamond, darling. They can’t break you.


portraiture //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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Dance Portrait: Mary Elizabeth

A friend’s younger sister was about to leave to go to law school in France for 9 months, which is a super amazing opportunity!  Before starting law school in Miami, FL, Mary went to The Ohio State University for her undergrad degree and was on the OSU dance team, even returning as an alumni to perform.  Mary is also a gymnast – her acrobatics just left me speechless (which is hard to do, BTW).

So I thought it would be fitting to do a shoot on campus with her, just 10 days before leaving the country.  With it being the last Saturday of August, and an unusually cool summer, it totally felt like fall weather with football season around the corner, and to the end of one season and the beginning of a new one, the setting and the feeling couldn’t have been more perfect!

At our first stop, well across the street from where we started, I found a couldn’t-have-been-better-placed stairwell going subterranean with the rising sun shining upon it… so I asked, and Mary leapt, and leapt….. and back flipped!  This shot was one of my favorites, and I had a lot of fun editing it, as you can see.

I posted it to a Facebook group to submit images for potential publication / recognition, and I have posted a few photos in the past, mostly getting Likes from members, and one nomination but went no where….. until this image.  I was super stoked that it was selected one of the Best in Group and my image was posted on the magazine page!!  It totes made my day! 😀  The accolades are all due to Ms. Mary Elizabeth, and her amazing athletic abilities; I just had the honor of capturing her strength and grace.

I hope you enjoy the image as much as I do!!


Congrats to Inspire’s Selected Authors – Random Best of Group Awards for 09/03/15
Dance Portrait.Author Erin Burke
Posted by Inspire- Digital or Not Fine Art Photography Magazine on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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To Call it Blue, or Not… That is the Question!!

I read a very interesting article on how humans could not identify the color blue until modern times.  SAY WHAAAAT?!?!?!  Yep, that’s right!

Hold on to your hats when you read the article, but to summarize with excerpts from No One Could See the Color Blue Until Modern Times, written by Kevin Loria:

Until relatively recently in human history, “blue” didn’t exist, not in the way we think of it.

In “The Odyssey,” Homer famously describes the “wine-dark sea.” But why “wine-dark” and not deep blue or green?

The only ancient culture to develop a word for blue was the Egyptians — and as it happens, they were also the only culture that had a way to produce a blue dye.

Scholar William Davidoff says that without a word for a color, without a way of identifying it as different, it is much harder for us to notice what is unique about it — even though our eyes are physically seeing the blocks it in the same way.

So before blue became a common concept, maybe humans saw it. But it seems they did not know they were seeing it.


Who would have thought that the colors we see today may not have existed in ancient times, or if they did some didn’t have a name yet?  It pretty much blew my mind that the modern Namibia tribe members could not pick out the blue square from the green, but could pick out different shades of green from each other!  It is so weird how our brains and eyes work together, or don’t.

This article was actually written to address why people see colors differently, as a result of the latest internet phenomenon: The Dress.  I know… very important things to talk about LOL


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