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bodhi // newborn

Erney, party of four!! Sweet little Bodhi came a couple weeks early, but that just means Mommy & Daddy got to hold him and love on him more!  I had a newborn session with Bodhi when he was 6 days fresh and all he wanted was to be held my mommy… and eat. and cry.  But that’s his job!! All in all, Bodhi did great and he looks so sweet and cuddly… well, because he is!  I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow up and play baseball like his daddy!!

You are the sunshine that makes my day.


newborn //

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jonathan // newborn

With a busy schedule of eating, pooping and napping, little Jonathan managed to squeeze in his newborn portrait session.  At the ripe old age of 10 days old, Jonathan is a seasoned model that knows how to work the camera… I mean, just look at his adorable little face!!  Go ahead, look!

John and Lauren could not have lucked out with a better baby – their bouncing baby boy is truly a bundle of joy!  It’s amazing how much he has changed in just a few short 10 day (check out his Fresh48 session here).  I cannot wait to see how much Jonathan changes as he grows up and becomes his own little person!

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.  – Eda J. LeShan

little baller //

The magic that created little Jonathan happened after an Ohio State Buckeye football game last October, and we stopped outside of the stadium for John & Lauren’s maternity session, so it was only fitting to start the session with the football onesie.  His two-a-day practices are still a few years off, but he sure does look good in uniform! LOL

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Newborn Children Family Photographer

burrito love //

To stay in theme with Ohio State Buckeyes, we wrapped the little guy in a chili pepper red (the closest I could find to scarlett LOL) against the grey & white backdrop, coupled with the most adorable parted do.  Jonathan was all cuddled up, as snug as a bug in a rug… but waaaay cuter!! 🙂

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Newborn Children Family Photographer

junior //

Jonathan’s dad was in the Army for 11 years, and he brought one of his tees and dog tags to the session.  What better (or cuter) way is there to pay homage to his dad’s military career?!  Who knows if he’ll follow is in dad’s footsteps and join the military, or if he’ll be a future Buckeye football player…. or maybe a boxer (did you see his little, tiny, adorable fists in the last photo?? he may be laying down but he’s got good form… and is hinting at being a south-paw!).

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Newborn Children Family Photographer

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jonathan // fresh48

HELLO baby Jonathan!!  This handsome little guy was 3 days late during an icky, humid Ohio July, making an adorable entrance into the world after spending 24 hours trying to get out (well, maybe trying to stay in… lol).

Through the heartburn and pains, the waddling and swelling… it was all worth it for Lauren and John to meet their little boy!  At a ripe old age of 38 hours old, Jonathan was working the camera like a professional.  This little love nugget is also my great nephew, and I cannot wait to watch him grow up (but not too fast!!) and become a dapper little ladies man LOL

Welcome to the world, Lil Jon….er… I mean lil buddy!!! #yeeeeeah #ooookay


hello world //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Newborn Photographer

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matilda // newborn

Matilda.  From the Germanic name Mahthildis meaning “strength in battle”, from the elements maht “might, strength” and hild “battle”.  This is a name steeped with meaning and could not be more fitting for this little ginger princess.  Arriving two weeks early, and as big as a peanut, she has a strong spirit and a healthy appetite… she may be small but she is definitely fierce!  And the amount of love that her adorable parents, Allie and Tim, feel for her is immeasurable.

No matter how hard we tried, Matilda did not want to be put down, even if she was sleeping… we even tried working with her while she was awake, but in no way did she NOT want to be in her mama’s arms!  So we took a little break from shooting so  we did it!!  We were able to get some really, really cute shots of her wrapped up like a burrito (LOL) and in the wicker basket.  She looked soooo comfy, I kind of felt bad having to take her out… she was knocked out!

She was only 10 days old at the time of our session, but she already looks good in green just like her mommy, and she presses her little fist against her cheek just like her daddy did.  Sweet Matilda a perfect combination of her parents… it is going to be a pleasure to watch little Matilda grow up!

Congratulations Allie and Tim on your sweet, princess!

matilda //

Erin Burke Studios Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography

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colton // portrait

This little peanut is so cute!  He was so interested in what was happening around him and this new person, and he didn’t want to miss a thing.  He fought sleep with a valiant effort, I must say.  I think my favorite picture is of Colton and his BFF / guard-cat Freddie… we were trying to swaddle a kicking baby and Freddie plopped down next to him (in guard-cat mode) and started rubbing his face on his little human’s face. Such love!!  They both happened to look up at me at the same time – wide eyed and actually looking at me and not my general direction LOL #purfection

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed everything about this session!!

Dream BIG, baby boy.

6 weeks //

Erin Burke Studios, Columbus, OH Portrait Photography

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adelyn // newborn

Meet Adelyn.  She is a sweet little bundle of joy!  I did a home visit for this newborn session, which was perfect for the new (and super tired) mom and dad, Sheena and Matt. Since Sheena is an avid reader, her baby shower guests signed books for Adelyn in lieu of a card to create her first library.  I just love that idea and had to incorporate books into our session! And not just any books… classics we all grew up with; bridging generational gaps with great, timeless books!

I can’t wait to watch this little princess grow up!

Think and wonder, wonder and think. -Dr. Seuss


sweet adelyn //




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