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What are you doing with your images?

We live in a digital age, sharing images on Instagram and Facebook, or creating slide shows adding music to show them off… but what else are you going to do with your images?  What happens if your computer crashes and you lose all the images, or when technology advances to the point that you can no longer access your digital files?  Are you going to keep updating all your digital images on your computer or hard drive to a new file format?

There is just something about being able to hold a photograph in your hand, and thumbing through photo albums.  Whether you are sharing it with friends, family, your future children or grandchildren, it is much more intimate and special than staring at an image on a computer or tablet as you reminisce.  There is an actual connection between you and the photograph, an emotional connection is made.

I highly encourage my clients to order quality professional prints through my studio, as opposed to ordering from a quicky, cheap retail photo lab due to the chance of images being dis-colored, and sharpness and contrast can be altered.  Any modification to the image changes the final print completely, and diminishes the quality of my work.  That is a problem for both of us, I mean, who wants to see an image of their baby with a green hue to their skin?  I don’t want people to think I don’t know what skin color looks like, and I don’t want your child to grow up thinking they are part Jolly Green Giant.

So let’s do this right… order beautiful, professional images with the correct color tones and sharpness, and gaze upon them with fondness as you take a walk down memory lane with a smile on your face!  Erin Burke Studios offers a variety of printing options: standard prints, mounted prints, canvas prints, metal prints, photo albums & books, announcements & holiday cards, and more.  Are you all, like, ‘Whaaaaat?!?!?’ right now with all the options?  Mounted images are great as children grow, metal and canvas prints are beautiful focal points for the home, albums and books are perfect to encompass a collection of images.

Let’s talk about what you are looking for, and I can help you make the perfect selections!

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